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Make your links shorter with the click of a few buttons, as many times as you want

Uniform Resource Locator or URL is a link that is placed in various places in order to direct traffic to a particular website. As it so happens, people often tend to click URLs that are compact and short in size rather than the long and wordy ones. This is where the concept of [url=]shorten links[/url] comes into place.
Short URLs are not only aesthetically pleasing but their compactness allows them to be placed almost everywhere, especially on Twitter where the number of characters limited to a post is 140.
Usefulness of short URLs
Not convinced why to use URL shorten methods? You should definitely consider shortening URLs because of the following advantages:
" Aesthetic value:
Shorter URLs generally look good and give a hint of the content of a web page to the targeted audience. Thus, increasing the chance of getting more traffic.
" Better SEO:
Wordy URLs are often backtracked by Google search engine and compact URLs are often placed top of the search results. This is another reason why use of short URLs is always advised.
" Compactness:
There is no doubt that social media plays a huge role in Internet marketing. Twitter is a platform that is often effectively used to promote external links. In case of posts, the character limit on Twitter is always up to 140. This is where the [url=]URL shorten[/url] service come into place.
" Traffic monitoring:
Short URL websites often give the user the option to monitor traffic and the amount of clicks that they are getting on a link. This makes it an effective choice of users worldwide who want to get a better understanding of how their link is performing.
Why you should obtain precaution
While shorter URLs are always preferred over lengthy ones, it does have a drawback sometimes. Often, many people use short URLs to mislead others into visiting a particular website that they had no intention to. These websites may contain spam content or viruses that may turn out to be harmful for the user.
If you require to shorten links, and that too free of cost, then visit the website [url=][/url] and create unlimited amount of URLs that will help gain maximum traffic to your website.

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