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Get that perfectly qualified rock with AGS certified diamonds

The diamond that we buy becomes all the more beautiful only after it has been well graded and cut and tested by labs of very high quality. After this lab testing is done, a proper gradation can be granted for that specific diamond.

Thus, diamond grading and certification and also the lab and rating are the perfect diamond guide to check and decide which diamond to buy and which to leave out.

[b]AGS certification:[/b]

From the time diamond started being marketed officially, its certification has become mandatory. This certification helps in deciding quality of diamonds and its final rates.

In this domain, much before GIA, if there is any organisation that holds place is the AGS, or American Gem Societys ratings. The AGS certified diamonds are best in quality and other aspects as well. Hence, one has to be very careful while choosing it since it gives a perfect standard for making that piece of rock all the more priceless.

[b]A perfect guide to this certification:[/b]

[ul] [li]Whenever a piece of diamond is sent for certification, it is necessary that various aspects as colour, clarity and density be checked.[/li] [/ul]
[ul] [li]Various angles are checked to make sure that the cut is well made. The shine and sharpness of a diamond depends on its cut and sharpness. Thus, it is to be very carefully noted that a diamond is to be very well cut.[/li] [/ul]
[ul] [li]While buying a diamond, one should have a specific [url=]diamond guide[/url] that would make sure that consumers get the best. Ratings, cuts, price and quality are to be well checked prior to its final sale.[/li] [/ul]
Lab certification is extremely necessary since it provides an impartial judgement regarding quality of diamond and its features. This lab judgement therefore needs to be a trusted one. For that one can surely check out [url=][/url].

Thus, for that best rock piece in any cut, [url=]AGS certified diamonds[/url] are the ones to be embraced.

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