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Tips about diamonds grading chart

Are you planning to buy cheap estate engagements rings for your engagement? Are you confused about how to understand diamonds and buy a good diamond engagement ring without spending exorbitantly and making good use of the money you are spending? Then you will be informed and educated by reading this as I am going to give some useful tips for buying a good and genuine diamond without getting cheated by the greedy jeweler.
Diamonds are of various peculiarities and each of them may be different from the other one. There are many factors that decide the worthiness of a diamond. Find out those factors from the web and focus on those factors only which you find important and dearer to you. In many diamond shops there are experts known as diamond consultants who are ready to help in you in your selection process.
Diamonds are graded by trained gemologists of many chemical laboratories and Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the most reliable and reputed grading center for diamonds. The four Cs grading system followed in this center give importance to factors like Cut, Carat weight, Color and Clarity which are very crucial. GIA certified diamonds are considered authentic and its value remains unchanged even after a number of consecutive transactions.
Diamond consultants in jewelry shops will be able to guide you through the details regarding the different grading of diamonds. After understanding the grading system you can view a few of them in your hand to understand the peculiarities of each of them with regard to the grading system. Diamond grading chart will be prepared by the grading laboratories which contain details like the carat weight, the shape of the diamond, culet size, symmetry grade etc. After the diamond is tested the fact regarding the testing will be recorded on the diamond itself in a [url=]Diamond grading chart[/url] making use of laser technology. This certificate includes details like the blemishes found on the diamond and a graphic representation of the diamond showing the shape and the facets and angles involved.
This diamond certification is very helpful and instills a belief in the buyer that the diamond he purchased is the same one as that has been explained to him by the diamond consultant of the shop.

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