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Botox Cosmetic San Fernando Valley

Botox cosmetic is a very popular cosmetic procedure that most people are seeking for in San Fernando Valley. The procedure involves the application of the Botox cosmetic in the affected areas. Today, there is also the option of an injection that has been provided for physicians. By definition and composition, Botox is a form of purified botulism toxin which has been endorsed and approved by the FDA. The food and Drug Administration has approved it for use in smoothening out as well as softening those vertical wrinkles which often appears between the eyebrows of someone. In addition, it can also be used to soften the stubborn platysmal bands which are normally located in the neck region together with lifting the eyebrows.

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The face muscles are highly utilized whenever you are emotional. Emotions such as laughter, concern, and smile among others can clearly be seen from the face. When these muscles are used, they form creases and if used extensively and repeatedly, some deformities arise. These folds appear around the mouth, the eyes as well as between ones eye brows. Over extended periods of time the folds ultimately become wrinkles as well as some fine lines that can make one look sad, older, angry or even tired even if their faces were at rest.

There are many top service providers in the cosmetic and dermatology industry in San Fernando Valley. Dr Kathleen Welsh is one of those [url=]Botox doctor Agoura Hills[/url] that you can really trust and depend on. She has trained all her nurses and together with her staff they have one of the most formidable dermatology and cosmetic surgery team. On average, she conducts an around 5000 Botox treatments annually and has been able to handle more than 15000 cases for the last fifteen years.

Together with other doctors from other institutions within San Fernando Valley, there is a very serious and competitive work force that will deal with your skin to perfection. One of the best ways to ensure that you land on the best service provider is to look for the one who has the highest number of positive reviews together with referrals. Have a list of all the potential specialists whom you can seek for their services and start the elimination process from the reviews and referrals. The cost of the procedure should be among the last ones in your check list.


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