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Are you interested in the illumination of an apparent regressive alien presence on Earth? This alien presence has apparently affected human social relations specifically and, in general, has worsened systematized global problems.

Imagine, you living abroad in Sweden, and having a Mother who is disabled and needs vital care toward recovery; then you block your brother who lives locally from providing that assistance; then you block your Mother's desires to continue to see her son; then you neglect your Mother to the point that her personal hygiene needs are not being met; and then you block neighbours and others providing assistance? Imagine also that you get a doctor that has been reported to be incompetent by numerous patients for your Mom and this Doctor presides over the decline of your Mom's health. At the same time, imagine that you forcibly intervene to get your Mom away from another doctor. Consider that the doctor who had been obtained by your brother that you forcibly intervened to stop helping your Mom had been achieving great results toward your Mom's recovery.

Furthermore, imagine that you use the police to create falsified reports against your brother, and that these reports were designed to ensure that the Mom who continues to decline in health can never obtain the help and assistance of her son ever again, so that you can also take control of your parent's will. You have now glimpsed into a mind alien to the essence of who we are as humans.

In the book entitled,[i] Unimaginable Evil: The Unauthorized Biographies of Marcella Carby-Samuels and Horace Carby-Samuels,[/i] ISBN 978-1-927538-04-3, as readers, we get a glimpse into a mind that is consistent with a reported manipulative and regressive alien presence on Earth -- book cover attached with article.

This book documents how the condition of a selfless and hardworking Mom's was made worse by the activities of Marcella Carby-Samuels and Horace Carby-Samuels, and how those activities were consistent with manipulative and regressive alien intrusion that had been documented by ancient Pagan Gnostics as the Archons pursuant to critical investigative research by John Lash. This includes his website

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