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Tips on How to Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels

Increasing testosterone naturally comes down to making long-term changes in your lifestyle and diet. Many men are opting for the quick fix by taking prescriptions that are problematic for many reasons and not healthy at all. Almost a quarter of the guys who get prescriptions have not even checked their testosterone levels. This testosterone replacement treatment can shut down production of the hormone naturally. If this happens, and the man fails to take the prescriptions, he is likely to have low energy, be irritable, have low sex drive and even feel depressed. What many patients do not know is that there in an effective way of [url=]how to increase testosterone[/url] levels naturally. Some of them are listed below.

1. Zinc Consumption
This is a mineral that is crucial for the production of testosterone. Research shows that supplementing zinc in your diet for six weeks can cause a great improvement in men with low levels of testosterone. Your diet should be your source of zinc. Other dietary zinc sources include raw cheese, raw milk, yogurt, nuts, lobster, crab, whole grains and beans. Obtaining enough dietary zinc for vegetarians can be difficult. This is because of farming practices that rely heavily on pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Overcooked food can also reduce the levels of zinc.

2. Reduce stress
Life is stressful, we all agree but how you handle stressful situations brings out the difference. Stress wreaks testosterone levels and causes the body to produce cortisol hormone in its place. Its just simple, control your stress levels and you will begin to notice some good results.

3. Sugar intake
There is no mistake in saying that sugar is one of the worst foods consumed by human beings. It is known for setting people up for gaining weight. It also zaps the natural release of testosterone. This means each time you take sugar, your testosterone levels drop. The only way out is to simply limit or stop taking sugar if you want to be efficient on how to increase testosterone levels naturally.

4. Eating healthy fats
The body requires saturated fats from vegetables and animals. Hazelnuts, almonds, coconuts, pecans and avocados boost the levels of testosterone. This is because they pack healthy fat needed in the body that in turn improves the flow of blood to the muscle tissues. This allows you to work out intensely hence boosting your testosterone levels.

5. Loose the excess weight
Overweight men likely have low testosterone levels. Research presented in 2012 at the Endocrine societys meeting confirmed that losing weight improves testosterone levels. However, do not go on a diet to achieve this. The best way is to exercise regularly while maintaining a sensible diet. Eliminate refined carbohydrates like waffles, bagels, pretzels and breakfast cereals. Eat more healthy saturated fats and vegetables.

6. Exercise regularly
Starting a strength training routine is one way you can exercise. You will be required to lift weights, use resistance bands and weight machines. Consider starting with resistance bands at least three times a week if you are very weak. Cardio interval training is also efficient although it requires that you warm up, work out intensely or sprint. You can also choose to combine your exercise with intermittent fasting for better results.

7. Get some sun
To get vitamin D, you are required to spend at least 15 minutes in direct sunlight (with a good amount of the skin should be exposed). This aids in producing 20% more testosterone.

Do not despair in case results dont show quickly. This process of how to increase testosterone levels naturally will take some weeks to be fruitful. Check your progress as weeks go by and you will realize your testosterone levels have increased as long as you followed this tips religiously.

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