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Where is Testosterone made in the Body? Understanding how this Hormone Works

Testosterone is an important hormone that is produced within the human body. This hormone is known as an androgen that gives males their characteristics. Both males and females produce testosterone but males typically make this hormone in greater levels. A lot of people want to know where is testosterone made in the body? The answer to this question will describe the process for how testosterone is produced.

The Hypothalamus and Testosterone

Most of the testosterone that is produced within the human body is created by the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the part of our brains that is in charge of producing different kinds of hormones. When the hypothalamus detects that a person's body needs more of this substance it releases a hormone called gonadotropin-releasing hormone.

Pituitary Gland and its Role in the Testosterone Process

After the gonadotropin-releasing hormone has been released the pituitary gland detects this substance and then starts to make some more hormones in response to this substance. One of the hormones is known as follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and the other is known as the luteinzing hormone (LH). FSH is responsible for regulating the development, growth, pubertal maturation and the reproductive process within the body. LH helps to start and to maintain the reproductive parts of the human body.

The Testicles and the Pituitary Glands

Once the FSH and LH reaches a person's testicles it stimulates the production of sperm and Leydig cells. Sperm is the substance that is used to create more life and Leydig cells are designed to create more testosterone. Leydig cells uses cholesterol to create more testosterone. Leydig cells absorbs testosterone from out of the body and uses it in the production of sperm. Where is testosterone made in the body should be more clearer to the reader at this point.

Keep in mind that once a person's body has enough testosterone floating around inside of its blood, the hypothalamus will send out a signal to quit production. The pituitary gland will then stop secreting LH into the bloodstream. Then a person's testicles will stop producing this hormone as well.

Here is a Simplified Explanation of the Testosterone Making Process

* Testosterone starts with the hypothalamus.

* The hypothalamus signals the pituitary glands to produce two more kinds of hormones which are known as FSH and LH.

* FSH and LH stimulates a person's testicles to start to producing more of testosterone.

* The process then repeats itself and it clearly explains [url=]where is testosterone produced[/url].

Female Production of Testosterone

Keep in mind that testosterone is produced inside of women in a process that is similar to that of a male but it's quite different. Women do not have as much testosterone as men. The amount of testosterone that they do have is produced in their ovaries, adrenal gland and their peripheral or fat tissues.

When a woman produces testosterone it is usually made in small amounts when compared to men. Do not forget that women do not need as much testosterone as men because they are females. Estrogen is the primary hormone that is available in women. This hormone is what gives them their characteristics as females. However, women generally must have testosterone because it affects things such as their bone development and their sex drive. After reading this information it should answer a lot of questions about where is testosterone made in the body.

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