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Complete Handy Guide to Design Shelves

Building garage shelves adds value to your house and at the same time provides handy area for storage. Shelves vary from different style, to the user requirement. They can be designed from top of the ceiling to the floor or you have the series of three or four shelves. To design your own set of garage racking, you can follow these steps.

Wood to design shelves
Shelf brackets
Step to Place a Shelf

The first thing that you need to evaluate is the amount of [url=]garage shelving[/url], you need in your area. Find out the place where you want to put these shelves. Check out the area that it has some additional support or not. If the areas have cinder block or brick, you must fix them with concrete screw.

Evaluate out what number of shelves will look good on your chosen area. After considering the look and feel, other factor that you need to look on is the measurement of the [url=]garage racking[/url]. For this, you need to take measuring tape and note it down, so that you material of accurate length. At the time of the measurement, dont forget to calculate the width of the wood.

Take the measurement of garage racking to home improvement store. Give your noted measurement to the store person, he will deliver you accurate measured shelf. If you have standard measurement then you can have pre-designed shelves. These are designed on the basis of standard measurement, which varies from color and design.

Arrange the kit of shelf bracket, this you can easily get in any home improvement center. You should buy at least two brackets for each shelf. You will also need track system which will aid you in screwing the studs.

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