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Affordable transportation in South Korea makes every tourists travel convenient and remembering

Asian countries are celebrated for their rich and diverse cultural heritage dating back thousands of years. South Korea or The Republic of Korea is one such jewel amongst the tourist-attracting Asian countries. South Korea is a sovereign country in East Asia which constitutes the southern part of Korean peninsula. The country provides some of the most pleasing natural sights along with truly marvelous modern architecture. Koreas impending rise as the worlds hottest tourist destination is reflected in a recent survey by a popular tourist guide website. The survey ranked the exotic country as the third most desirable nation to visit as polled by the visitors. In terms of diversity, South Korea offers nothing short of a miracle with its sprawling beaches, tropical islands to quench your thirst for natural sight-seeing; and its cosmopolitan hubs of finance and entertainment.
Seoul, the capital city of South Korea summarizes the country aptly for a first-time visitor. The city is filled with sky-touching skyscrapers and brightly shining billboards illuminated with neon lights. The business and commerce hub of Seoul will give you a sense of fast paced side of the city. On the other hand the Buddhist temples and pagodas will take you on cultural ride of ancient Korean traditions. The city is a charming blend of old and the new. Affordable Transportation South Korea is a source of major convenience for tourists flocking from around the world. The country is abundantly connected with road, railways and air. Shuttle bus south Korea is another popular option for tourists who wish to traverse the country by road and enjoy its culture from very near.
Busan is the second largest city of South Korea and the largest international port in the country. The city offers different experience than the hustle and bustle of Seoul as it is split by mountains and surrounded by sea which means ravishing city beaches. The city is famous for its sea-food and chic bars surrounding the city. Reasonably priced [url=http://Guest]Guest house Korea[/url] are a welcome change from the expensive and jaded experience of luxurious five-star hotels.
Jeju-do is Koreas top holiday destination as it holds the distinction of being the countrys largest island. The elegant white sand beaches and majestic mountains offer heavenly sights for the nature-lover. The island is rich with culture and tradition as the dialect is different from mainland Korea. Adrenaline junkies can hike up the countrys highest mountain, Hallasan. The blue oceans offer fun activities such as deep-sea diving, snorkeling and coral sighting. The island confirms that [url=http://Affordable]Affordable Transportation South Korea[/url] is more than a tourism promotion headline. Cheap sources of travel are easily available like subways and Shuttle bus south Korea. The islands seafood is to die for and the locals make you feel welcome to learn about their traditions. The island displays how the people have adopted to new ways of living while still revering their heritage and traditions. Accommodation will be the least of your worries while discovering this gem of an island as the Guest house Korea and Jeju-do offer satisfying services and are modestly priced. So dont wait and plan your dream Korean holiday now.

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