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p>Do you feel your skin is becoming pale due to constant exposure to sun light? Does it feel like your skin is becoming is having some depigmentation? Not to worry, you have [url=][b]MEQUINOL[/b][/url] to the rescue!
[b]MEQUINOL [/b]is a topical drug that takes care of the skin when all hopes of having a normal skin seems to be out of reach or far from sight. It helps restore skin and give you a top feeling. It gives an even toned skin to a person whose skin colour is uneven.
[b]MEQUINOL [/b]is a skin lightener that can be used in different forms: it could be used in the soap form, cream form or in the powder form. It has no side effect attached to it when it is used in small quantities. A person suffering from vitiligo can have an even tone from using it. There is a little catch to [b][url=]MEQUINOL[/url]: [/b]the patient using it should have minimal exposure to the sun. The drug has no side effect. For a light skinned person, the skin is under the risk of being attacked by skin damage which means, a minimum SPF of 15 should be the best for the patient.
A pregnant woman is not advised to use the drug. This puts her breast milk and the foetus at a high risk of being affected.
As a topical drug, care should be taken to prevent it from being mishandled. This can lead to some complications that will affect either the patient taking the drug of the person administering the drug.
This drug is very strong as a depigmentation agent and should be used only externally. For no reason should the patient let the drug get into the eyes, mouth or nose. If this happens as an accident, lots of water should be used to rinse that affected part of the skin immediately. If the skin is broken or affected by eczema, then this drug should not be applied until the skin is properly healed. This is to prevent a further damage to the already affected skin. The drug should also not be applied on a cracked skin.
[b]MEQUINOL [/b]is a very easy drug to apply on the skin, but prior to its application, every other cosmetic on the skin should be washed off with soap and properly rinsed. It should be ensured that the skin is dries off completely.
The use of this drug might interact with some medical conditions. The patient is encouraged to discuss extensively with the doctor to know if it can be used during the period of the said condition or with any other prescribed drug. A patient that suffers allergy should also let the doctor know this during the discussion.
This may not be all there is on the use of [b]MEQUINOL [/b]and its availability in the market. Patients are advised that before the use of the drug, they should check with the doctor or pharmacist to be sure it is right for them. They should also let the doctor know of any unknown allergy they suffer from.

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