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Laura is 10 years old and was born in Tame-Arauca. She lives with her mother, stepfather and two siblings, who are 4- and 7-years-old. Her biological father is in prison, and can't provide for Laura's education or food. Laura's stepfather works as a tractor driver and earns 300 dollars per month. After paying rent for the house where they live, there isn't much left to spare. Laura is in 4th grade at a public school, and she and her family are members of the Lutheran Church in Paz de Ariporo.

Laura loves music; she takes harp lessons, and enjoys playing the keyboard and singing. When thinking about the future, Laura dreams to become a veterinary doctor and help animals get better.


  • My grade report

  • Letter from Colombia

    Dear sponsors, I greet you in God's love, and I hope you are in good health. I want to share with you that this year has been a great success. My studies have gone very well for me. I have learned many new, wonderful things in science and mathematics. As you know, I participate in worship, and I am getting better every day at singing and at playing the musical keyboard and the harp. If I practice a lot on the harp, I hope I will be able to play hymns and songs of praise at church. In the photograph, I am with my little sister. We performed [i]musica llanera [/i]at school. I hope you have a very good Christmas, with peace and love in your homes bringing you happiness! I hope your dreams come true and your goals are all achieved, and that God provides you with everything you want for your Christmas dinner. Here in Colombia, we usually make fritters, [i]hallacas[/i], roasted pig, stuffed turkey, custard, [i]masato[/i], and tamales. Some families also exchange gifts. I wish you a me...
  • Letter from Colombia

    Hello sponsors! Its great to be able to write to you and I hope that you are well and blessed! I am happy because I know that on the other side of the world I have people that are thinking of me and I also think about you often. I wanted to tell you that we are now in the month when all the trees begin to flower. Winter begins in April and finishes in November, just before summer begins in December. I want to update you on my studies. This semester has gone really well for me, thanks to God. I am reading one book every week, which has helped my mind to develop and grow. At church, as always, I get involved in worship with all my heart. I feel blessed, along with my family, for this gift that God has put in my voice and in my hands for His glory and honour. I give thanks to God because I belong to a family of Christians here at church. Ill finish this letter by wishing you every success in all that you do in your day to day lives. May the Spirit of God guide you and our Lord Jesus ...
  • My School Report

    This is Laura's school report. On the report, Laura demonstrates her hard work and dedication to academic excellence. [img]/images/user/24578_4947396430805258474.png[/img]