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Amazon Smile Charity Program

The Amazon Smile Charity Program is a replica of Amazon because it contains the same things as are found in Amazon.com. These two platforms are very similar in many ways and that includes design, products, and their prices and so on. However, there is a key difference between the – [url=http://www.gmc.org/getpage.php?name=amazonsmile]0.5% of the proceeds from your purchases at Amazon Smile is donated[/url] to a charity organization of your choice. This does not affect the cost of the item you bought because it is just the same as you would have bought it from Amazon.com. All that the Amazon Smile foundation does is to donate 0.5% of the amount you paid for a particular item.
[font="Segoe UI", sans-serif]Buyers are required to choose where to make the donation and will not be charged more to meet this need. No one is getting charged to keep this program running. There are no such things as registration fees or requirements to sign up. Any offers like free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime members will not be affected if they choose to buy things from Amazon Smile. You will still be able to get these offers as provided in Amazon.com.[/font]
[font="Segoe UI", sans-serif]On their part, non-profits and charities are also not required to sign up in order to receive these donations. They will, however, be required to prove their charity status by providing their 50[/font][font="Segoe UI", sans-serif]1(c) 3 number. Once confirmed, they can now become recipients of Amazon Smile. All the money taken from the eligible purchases is given as donation without Amazon Smile taking any cut out of them.[/font]
[b]Using the Amazon Smile Charity Program[/b]
Using Amazon Smile is simple. It is not a time-consuming thing, especially if you know how to buy from Amazon.com. There is no secret to this – you simply make purchases like you have been making on Amazon Smile. Just like in Amazon.com, you will be required to set up an Amazon Smile account. This can be done at [url=https://budgetboost.co/amazon-smile-program-review/]Amazon Smiles[/url]. From this site, you will be asked to log in to your Amazon account. That means you will not be setting up a different account in order to use Amazon Smile since your regular Amazon account is what is needed.
[font="Segoe UI", sans-serif]After logging into Amazon, users are directed to a page where they can select a non-profit of their choice. This is where the 0.5% donation will go. The Amazon Smile service provides a list of common non-profits where you can choose. However, you can also provide your own charity organization. There are both huge, national charities and small ones that are not even not known widely. These charities can also be searched using a preferred location.[/font]
[font="Segoe UI", sans-serif]On finding a charity, click on select after which you will be directed to a new page asking your confirmation of the non-profit. If it is the choice you made, then click “Yes” and “continue.” The charity will now be set and then you will get redirected to the Amazon Smile platform homepage, which is similar in appearance as the usual Amazon homepage. Shopping from this site goes on as you would do in Amazon.com. Now that you are set, you need to remember to always use smile.amazon.com when doing your shopping. No donations will be made if you purchase directly from amazon.com. It is also important to note that donations will not go through as a result of purchases made from the Amazon mobile app.[/font]
[b]Changing your Preferred Charity[/b]
You can choose to support a different non-profit later since this service allows you to do so. After logging into Amazon Smile, there is a section showing the charity you support. This information can be seen directly below the products search bar. Hovering over the charity, you will be able to see a box pop up showing the much you have contributed for the period you have been there. On the same section, you will see an option to [url=https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=201365360]change your non-profit for donations[/url]. Click on “change” to get to the page where you can search for another non-profit
[font="Segoe UI", sans-serif]The Amazon Smile Charity Program gives buyers an opportunity to donate to charity organizations of their choice without having to pay more for their products. The prices on Amazon Smile are similar to what you will find in Amazon.com. [/font]

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