• Smooth talk with Hooray Henris; Publication of 'Le Guide du Bon Chic Bon Genre' on French etiquette

    Everyone learns French at school, but we learn little about the equally important niceties of French etiquette. When do you use tu or vous, for example? How do you ask to go to the 'loo' in the middle of a dinner party? When should you greet friends with an embrace, and how many times should you kiss them? In short, how do you know what is 'U' and 'Non U' in France? Some of the answers may be found in a little book which has just come out in France entitled Le Guide du Bon Chic Bon Genre. It is commonly abbreviated to BCBG (pronounced Becebege), which is roughly the equivalent of the British 'Sloane Ranger'. Indeed, both species have much in common in their accent, taste and dress. The 'Becebegiste' also speaks as if he or she had a plum in the mouth: 'Claire haamie! Komment aallez-vous?' Clothes are expensive and well cut, but often a trifle dull. Pleated skirts, woollen sweaters and Hermes silk scarves around the neck for the women; ...