• Young Girls Taking Phen375

    PRESSURES to be thin are now being felt by girls as young as 5, who are lapsing into dangerous dietary practices such as binge-eating and yo-yo dieting. A study of 153 girls by researchers at Pennsylvania State University's department of human development and family studies reveals that many girls who began thinking they were too fat at 5 had become experienced dieters by the age of 9. Some even start taking [url=]Phen375 diet pills[/url]. But Professor Leann Birch, who led the research published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, says that youngsters who tried hardest to shed surplus pounds often ended up gaining more fat as their misguided attempts to diet backfired. What most intrigued Birch and her colleagues was how girls so young had developed a poor body image: they suspect that parental influence, subconscious or otherwise, is the main trigger in most cases. In families where "access to palatable foods was restricted&...