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5 Great Aquarium Foreground & Carpeting Plants

Live aquarium plants make your aquarium look beautiful. However, there are certain plants that need to be considered for the foreground and carpeting of the aquarium to achieve better aquarium decor. [url=]Foreground and carpeting aquatic plants[/url] are smaller plants that are placed toward the center and front of your aquarium. Those plants that should be placed at the rare aquarium should be the taller plants. In this way, You can view any plant in the aquarium without the taller plant blocking your view, and a better aquarium decor is attained. Below are great aquarium foreground and carpeting plant you can consider using for your aquarium.
[b]Hydrocotyle Tripartita[/b]
This plant originates from South-East Asia. This plant has a small intense green leave on the vertical stem, fast and compact growth. The plant is a carpet plant that grows up to (5-10 cm tall) and you can promote the growth of this plant by pressing the carpet with your hands because of its compact size. These plants do best in a good light.
[b]Pygmy Chain Sword[/b]
This is the smallest species of the sword plants and it is also very easy to care for which makes it very popular among the chain sword plant. It can also be called Grassy dwarf sword plant, Narrow Leaf Chain Sword, Dwarf burhead or Pygmy Chain Sword. This plant is the perfect foreground plant for your aquarium due to its dense and carpet like nature. This plant is been used in a small aquarium but can also beautify the bigger aquarium when used as a foreground or mid-ground plant. pygmy chain sword can be found in South America, North, and Central, southern Brazil and southeastern North America. This type of chain sword plant is a semi-aquatic species and normally it occurs in wet sand on the shores of lakes, coasts of rivers and floodplains
[b]Lilaeopsis Brisbanica[/b]
This plant grows along tidal riverbanks in grey saline mud, and also mangrove trees. Lilaeopsis brisbanica has a carpet-like nature and is about 1.5-4cm high. The plant grows in groups of 3-5 and is on stalks about 1.5mm long. The leaves are narrowly elliptical in cross-section, hairless, hollow, 11-36mm long, linear, and uniform in width throughout the leaf (0.2-0.5mm). This plant leaves have about 5-7 segments lengthways.
[b]Glossostigma Elatinoides[/b]
This plant is originates from New Zealand. Glossostigma Elatinoides is one of the smallest aquarium plants that grow up to 2-3 cm tall, and thus making it a good [color=#6118CE][url=]aquarium foreground plant[/url][/color] for your tanks. This plant demand lots of light. You have to make sure the larger plant is not planted around this plant because it overshadows them.
[b]Japanese Dwarf Hairgrass[/b]
Japanese Dwarf Hairgrass creates a field across the bottom of an aquarium tank with its field-like appearance. In addition, this plan removes pollutants from the tank and also provides shelter to bottom-dwelling fish.
It is often used as a carpet, coating the bottom of the tank just like the green field. Japanese Dwarf Hairgrass is a fast-growing plant so you can create a beautiful aquarium tank with a small amount of this plant. This plant is popular in the fishkeeping industry.

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