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Matthew Davies Learns Facts About Coffee

Like many people, I enjoy having a cup of coffee in the morning. [url=]However, my knowledge about coffee was fairly limited until my friend, Matthew Davies, decided to enlighten me with some interesting coffee facts[/url].

[b]Everyone Should Know About These[/b]
Today, I’m gonna share some facts about coffee that every coffee-lover should know -
[b]1. Coffee is healthy for liver [/b]- Studies have shown that people who drink coffee are 40% less likely to suffer from liver cancer. Drinking coffee can also reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis by 25-70 percent. Thus, drinking coffee can slow down the progression of liver disease or even prevent them in some cases.
[b]2. Caffeine can improve your exercise performance - [/b]Coffee is known to be a stimulant which can improve your focus and energy. After you consume coffee, the level of ‘fight or flight’ hormone a.k.a epinephrine(adrenaline) also increases in your body. This signals the brain for more muscle activation and burns the fat in your body. All of this can result in greater endurance during a workout session.

[b] 3. Coffee is not a diuretic in low to mild doses [/b]- Many people fear to drink coffee because they think drinking coffee can result in severe dehydration. However, that is simply not true. Although coffee can act as a diuretic, the effect is not that significant.

Thus, if you drink coffee in low to moderate amounts, there is no need for you to fear dehydration. However, you should avoid drinking coffee in large doses as it can result in other problems.
[b]4. The effects of coffee were discovered by Ethiopian Shepherds - [/b]Apparently, Ethiopian shepherds were the first people to discover the effects of caffeine when they saw their goats ‘dancing’ after consuming some coffee berries.
[b]5. Coffee can increase your lifespan [/b]- Coffee is rich in antioxidants which can help in fighting the harmful free radicals in our body. Regular coffee drinkers are also less likely to suffer from diseases such as Type II Diabetes, Parkinson’s, certain types of heart problems, etc.
[b]6. Coffee is rich in nutrients [/b]- If you drink coffee only for its taste, you will be happy to know that it also contains many essential nutrients. A single serving of coffee contains 6% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin B5(pantothenic acid), 11% of the RDA of vitamin B2(riboflavin), 3% of the RDA of Manganese and Potassium, and 2% of the RDA of vitamin B3(niacin) and vitamin B1(thiamine).
[b]7. Coffee is primarily grown in a region known as the Coffee Belt - [/b]The belt of the region around the equator where coffee is grown is known as the coffee belt. More precisely, the belt lies between the coordinates - 23 degrees North and 25 degrees south. It covers Central America, many parts of Asia and almost all of Africa. This region is the most suitable for growing coffee as it provides adequate sunshine, rainfall and also has more fertile soil than any regions.
If you are a coffee lover like my friend, Matthew Davies, I hope you liked the facts stated in this article.


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