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New Designs in Women Shoes Mix Comfort and Style


For years women suffered in silence in their shoes that looked great but pinched their feet all day. It was just assumed that that was the way that things were going to stay, because the problem with comfortable shoes was that they looked comfortable.
Finally designers such a [url=]Cape Robbin women's shoes[/url] are coming out with women shoes that not only look great but are foot friendly as well. One of the secrets is in the new materials that bend and give with the natural movements of the foot, rather than fighting against it. Also, new padded soles made from high tech materials make staying on your feet all day so much easier.
The fact is, that these shoes are so cleverly designed that no one would guess that they are what they are. In fact many women are now trading in their old shoes that were designed for "looks only" for these new type of shoes than bring the best of both types of shoe to one pair.
While it was Cape Robbin that pioneered the trend, more and more shoe designers are taking note, because they are flying off of the shelves in stores everywhere. This new concept that combines style and comfort into one shoe has been tried in the past but it was not until recently that the newer high tech materials became available that are required to pull it off correctly.
The fact is, that permanent serious damage can be done to a working woman feet by wearing tight pinching shoes all day long at work, so it is not just a matter of comfort but also a matter of foot health as well. The next time that you are browsing for shoes why not take a look at the new styles in comfort foot wear that are finding their way on to the market and see what you think.

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