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Tips for Running an Instagram Photo Contest

[font="Times New Roman", serif]It is by no chance that both the small and large businesses use photo contests on instagram to lure customers. Photo contests have proven to be effective in engaging your current and potential customers. This is for those who use instagram for business. There is always a need to get a photo contest after a period of time to keep you page active. We will discuss some tips that can help you in organizing for an effective instagram photo contest.[/font]
Contest Planning Tips to get you Started
[b]Make Goals[/b]
Just like it is with any good marketing campaign, you should have the goals clearly written down and the plan of how to achieve. This will help you in knowing the money to be spent on the contest and the expected return on investment. There is no need to buy instagram likes for your contest if it has no ROI.[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[b]Make Your Budget and Stick to It[/b]
Make a strict budget and stick to it. If you had planned to use free [url=]Instagram Likes[/url] to boost your campaign, do not go ahead to buy instagram likes with the money allocated for other activities.[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[b]Choose a Good Prize[/b]
You should not just pick on any prize but rather select the best prize carefully to get the best out of it.
[b]Create an Appealing Visual for your Prize[/b]
After you have decided on the prize that you will offer, create an appealing visual of the prize. This visual is what will capture the public attention and also provide free instagram likes which will boost the campaign.[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[b]Write an Attention Grabbing Title[/b]
If you are not sure of the best title for your contest then hire professionals to get it for you for a small fee. The title is very important in promoting the contest.[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[b]Do Not forget to Include the Rules[/b]
Don’t just make it an open contest with no rules. Formulate some rules that will help you in making the contest very interesting to participate.
While making the rules, include the details on how the final winner will be chosen from the pool of participants.[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[b]Use other Sites to Promote Your Contest[/b]
Promote this contest using different sites so that it gets a wide reach. Facebook and twitter are readily available for your use in promoting the contest.[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
The above mentioned are some of the tips on how to plan a successful instagram photo contest. You might spend a few bucks to buy instagram likes while promoting your contest but at the end you will get tons of free instagram likes at your disposal. Make the wise choice and consider running an instagram photo contest.

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