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What to Consider Before Buying a Leather Sofa


Is your old sofa getting raggedy and used? The time has come for an upgrade. You deserve a beautiful, classy new [url=]leather sofa[/url]. Such furniture will not only enhance your living room, but also hold up well for years to come. Here is what you should know before you go shopping.

It is important to first know how to distinguish between the different grades and methods of production of leather sofas and furniture. The differences in pricing between a discount leather sofa and a high quality one can often be in the thousands of dollars. This is in large part because of the type of leather used. Full or top hide leathers have been made from thicker portions of the animals hide, and are the best types. Split-grain, however, is much thinner, cheaper, and less resistant to tears and damage. Avoid if you can.

Leather furniture is further classified as aniline, semi-aniline, and pigmented. An aniline black leather sofa, for example, would be one that has been soaked in aniline, without any other processing. Aniline is the most susceptible to stains, and also the highest quality. Semi-aniline is a step down, as it has undergone slightly more processing, but offers a good balance between quality and stain-resistance. Then there is pigmented leather, which has been thoroughly dyed and easily stops stains, spills, and scratches. However, it is initially much more rigid.

Before leaving for the store, find out your room and door measurements. Also, while shopping, remember what sort of style you are trying to match. It is no good if you fall in love with a leather couch at the store, only to have it look terrible next to your leather chair at home. Finally, check to make sure that the sofa has a solid hardwood frame and good springs.

Be sure to actually sit on the couch before buying! After all, the most important part of buying the right leather sofa is how comfy you feel when you sit down.


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