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How the Colorado Classic upended professional biking's program model
Fred Dreier
August 29, 2019
Fast Talk podcast
The Colorado Classic created a cost-cutting way to air the race that upended pro cycling's traditional-- and also expensive-- program design.
Rain spurted down and also lightning snapped overhead as the specialist peloton sloshed via the roads of Colorado Springs for the opening stage of the 2017 Colorado Classic.
Across the globe, countless fans listened to the inaugural race's real-time television broadcast and also were welcomed by a confusing picture.
" I still remember this minute-- the TELEVISION video camera was simply focused on a shrub at the start line," claims Rob Simon, the chief advertising and marketing policeman for RPM Events Group, owner of the race. "That was the only thing they might get an image of. We're paying all of this money to be on TV, and also all we can see is a bush."
For its inaugural version, the Colorado Standard was held alongside a two-day rock performance, called Velorama, as well as the entire plan was greatly advertised as a disruptive remedy for pro biking's service challenges.
Yet the race still relied on the traditional design for transmission. The system, made use of at the Trip de France as well as Amgen Trip of California, to name a few races, is excessively costly and also notoriously prone to negative weather. And throughout the 2017 edition, the program was frequently rinsed.
Memories of that stormy day in Colorado Springs had an effective influence on RPM's administration team, and helped start a years-long process to reimagine the race's online broadcast. Simon and his team checked out new as well as cost-effective technology for broadcasting live sporting activities. They developed a strategy to get over the shortcomings presented by the brand-new tech. As well as finally, they bet on a real-time streaming model that ditched TV stations altogether.
" We spent a lot of cash that first year to transmit it on [tv]-- we [url=]?????????2018[/url] stuck to the old model as well as we weren't pleased with it," claims Ken Gart, chairman of RPM Events Team. "Last year we decided to introduce with real-time streaming. And also this year we took it an action even more and also the high quality increased and the prices dropped."
Currently, the lessons found out by the RPM Events group might assist more races pay for online program. While the race's rock show principle may have gone away, the Colorado Classic's tv design might actually disrupt pro biking's company model.

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