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Letter from Jinhua Shen

Below is a letter we recently received from Jinhua Shen. Please message him back to show your continued support!


Dear Givology:

Before writing anything else, I want to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year.

I was very happy and felt very warm when I received your letter. Our lives at the Yanyuan Nationalities High School are pretty good. My name is Jinhua Shen and I’m a junior right now.
I was moved by your letter and encouraged by the sentence, “Don’t give up”. Yes, I do believe that with hard work, things will get better. Another new year comes and I’m so happy!

How are you doing? I’m pretty good here. My teachers and classmates are very nice to me. I feel happy and touched. But there is alot of pressure related to my studies. It makes me nervous. However, everything will be better after the college entrance examination.

I’m studying happily and steadily. We need to face tomorrow with courage no matter what. I believe that the rainbow will be more beautiful and colorful after the rais.

Friends - let's go for it and face it together!

Best wishes,

Jinhua Shen

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