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Translation of Jinhua's Letter

Thanks to volunteer translator Victoria Chonn, we now have a translation of Jinhua's latest letter! Please message him to show your continued support.

Best wishes for a happy 2010!

The Givology Translation Team


Dear friends at Givology,

How are you? I wanted to thank all of you for your concern toward my family and me. Everyone is doing well and there are not any pressing issues at the moment. My sister is doing fine and she also appreciates your concern. My parents are still working hard for our schooling, and that sometimes is hard to bear, but it’s something that can’t be helped since our income continues to be small.

Half a year has already passed and I must say that my favorite subject is English—I suspect it will continue being so in the future! My goals haven’t changed; I still want to help students who are in need, help them in their studies. I really hope I can achieve this goal.

That’s all about me, my dear friends at Givology.

Wish you all good health and success,
Jinhua Shen

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