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As we sat around our dinner table tonight, my family and I spoke about the exhilarating year that is coming to a close. 2008-2009 has made each one of us realize more than ever before what we hold dearest and what we appreciate in our lives - family, friends, health, safety, and an opportunity to wake up the next morning with new and interesting pursuits in mind.

As a Givologist, I am particularly proud of what we have accomplished as a team, with you (the supporters, both passive and active participants of the community) alongside us, and as a "trail blazer." With our partners network expanding, our number of users increasing, media presence rising, new initiatives cooking, and most importantly, number of students helped growing, Givology is making much headway when entering into 2009-2010.

The network of P2P do-gooders has expanded nationally and internationally. We are grateful for the amount of positive feedback and momentum amassed behind our efforts, and we hope that more people recognize the merits of this low overhead, wide-reaching, efficient method of giving.

Givology will be making more improvements with regards to internal tracking and recording, transparency and engagement with donors, and sustainability. We always welcome your input.

Thanks for Giving and Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Donald James

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    You have been doing great job, keep it up! Congratulations for the success! - Reputation Advocate

    Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 01:30:56 AM

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