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re:Sugar Land Givology's Fundraising 5K Fun Run

Wow, the pictures look fantastic - looks like everyone had a great time! What a creative and fun idea for a fundraiser! =)

Keep up the good work - your efforts really does go a long way in making a difference, and everyone here at the Givology team is really excited and appreciative. =)

It'd be great if we can feature your chapter in the next newsletter! I'll send you an e-mail about perhaps interviewing some members of your team to get the word out and inspire other members of community to get active!

With Best Regards,


  • Jane

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  • leehoii

    re:re:Sugar Land Givology's Fundraising 5K Fun Run

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  • Sugar Land Givology

    re:re:Sugar Land Givology's Fundraising 5K Fun Run

    @Joyce: Okay, sure!Sorry for the late response. ~Vivian

    Monday, July 19, 2010 at 02:29:15 AM

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