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re:The Khaya Cookie Company comes to Givology

Hi Alicia!

We're really excited about this partnership! I put up a big notice on our front page, and we'll definitely send out the message to all our supporters throughout the holiday season!

I believe we met at the Good Morning Africa event - I was representing YouthBank =). I'm really excited to see that Khaya Cookie Company has grown so much since then!

Just wondering, is there a way to get products to the UK? I know that shipping is to the US only currently, but I thought that there would be a lot of demand here as well.

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  • Alicia D. Polak

    re:re:The Khaya Cookie Company comes to Givology

    Hello and thank you for your kind comments!
    We are currently not shipping directly to the UK, however, I CAN ABSOLUTELY GET RIGHT ON THIS! I have a few ideas to get the ball started. If you got a group together and placed one group order, I could package up and send to one collective person to cut down on cost. I can send via the United States Postal Service . That is least costly and won't take too much time.
    I will also check into cost for sending via FEDEX international and enabling our website to ship internationally.
    Let me know if the 1st option is something you would like to look into and I'll start looking into enabling our world shipping on our site.
    Thank you for helping spread the word!
    All my best,
    Alicia Founder & CEO
    The Khaya Cookie Co.
    Wednesday, December 9, 2009 at 03:35:06 PM

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