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Thank you Givology!

Hello Givology Support,

We’re very excited about our new chapter Givology Spiders getting started. I want to thank Joyce Meng for the advice, discussion and answering all our questions. Offering help to create campaign materials such as general flyers, and brochures to help promote the school and get the word out. Many thanks go to Yuqing Fan, Jenn Chen, Catherine Gao, and Coonoor Behal thanks guys for all your support in every way. We look forward working with you.

I’m very excited about going to Uganda trip this December with my colleague Iria, Joyce and Jia. We are going to Circle of Peace School to launch a project of expansion of the school. We hope to take more videos, pictures and blog throughout the trip. The Givology Spiders would like to run fundraisers and campaigns to raise enough money to help fund this project by then. We also hope to receive more funding through the Givology website and you can support us just by spreading the word about us!

I am looking forward to this trip so much and I am so thankful to everyone who is making this possible.

Our first fundraiser is November 9th selling baked goods. Stay tuned for the updates!



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