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After the death of both parents Jackie and his sister Lucy were taken to live with their grandfather at Escona Coffee Plantation. About two years later their grandfather was unable to care for them due to old age. Jackie and his sister were given to an older sibling, Doretea (age 16). When Doretea got pregnant without a husband, problems started. She was no longer able to work. And with no means to of support for Jackie and Lucy aside from prostitution she decided that she could no longer care for her siblings. Jackie and his sister came to Rift Valley Children’s Village in February 2004.

Jackie is now in form 1 at Edmund Rice Secondary School. He is extremely friendly and easy-going. He is really fun to be around. He likes to give advice and is very social which is apparent with his big circle of friends. Even among volunteers he is not intimidated and joins right in with conversation. He has also acquired a reputation as an excellent storyteller.


  • Job Aspirations!

    [font=arial, sans-serif]Jackie has passed National Exam! He plans on applying to ranger school or tourism school this spring. Jackie wants to be a tour guide for a safari company because he loves to travel and wants to be close to the animals. We know hell be great at this because he is extremely social and loves talking to people![/font]
  • Vacation Plans: Pre-Form Teacher!

    [font=arial, sans-serif]Jackie just graduated Form 4! He was selected to teach Pre-Form 1 at Oldeani Secondary School and that is how he has been spending his school vacation, as a teacher. While waiting for Form 5 to start, the Form 4 graduates will spend their time helping with the kids, learning to drive, and computer school. Jackie is outgoing and a hard worker. He loves people, and when he was interviewing to be a pre-form 1 teacher, you just knew he would be the first choice.[/font][font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif][img]/images/user/3911_8199412132408566595.png[/img][/font]
  • Tanzanian Children's Fund Student Update!

    Below is an update from the Tanzanian Children's Fund. We're excited to share that Jackie is being afforded the best education available! Jackie has started Form 4. He is now at Mariado Secondary School in Arusha. Mariado is an excellent school, and we are ensuring Jackie the best education possible. He is excited to start at a new school and make new friends. Ever gregarious and affable, Jackie makes friends wherever he goes. He is looking forward to the next step after Secondary School, and is preparing diligently for the Form 4 National Exam so that he may have the option to choose what that next step might be: Form 5&6, teachers college, nursing school, or otherwise! [img]/images/user/3911_13765858184343990299.jpg[/img]
  • Fall 2014 Update!

    [img]/images/user/3911_3842941338331575628.jpg[/img] After a busy year, Jackie is coming to the end of his 3rd year at Secondary School - Form 3. Next year he will sit the all important Form 4 national exam that will determine his eligibility to continue higher education. Be that Form 5&6, teachers college, nursing school or something different!
  • Jackie's First Update of 2014!

    [img]/images/user/3911_10420945629986855653.jpg[/img] Jackie, is an incredibly friendly and positive young man. He really looks up to older boys, including volunteers and had fun practicing/perfecting English with some of our volunteers recently over the Christmas break! Jackie along with his peers from Eagle's Nest were the envy of the entire RVCV family on Christmas day. The boys performed some rather exceptional dance moves to the beat of some popular Tanzanian tunes... they even got called back for an encore! It was a really fun day and so nice to see the kids enjoying themselves!