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Emotional Alteration via Floatation Therapy

The experiences that people go through in a floatation tank vary significantly. Some people feel ‘eased’ after the therapy, some feel ‘excited’ and others feel motivated.
The only constant in this equation is the fact that [url=https://floatationtherapyblog.wordpress.com/]floatation therapy[/url] is unflinching on how it portrays our reality to us and although this can be new and even terrifying to an extent to people - the fact that the impact is positive is what makes floatation therapy the wonder that it has become.
A relaxed form of sensory deprivation allows us to go into solitude with our own unconscious thoughts and face whatever it is that troubles us. This description is the general consensus among those who attempt the therapy for the first few times as it is the only time that they feel that they are untethered from their own bodies.
Without doubt, the untethered feeling often leads to intense emotional experience which causes the mind to run rampant leaving no space for thoughts to hide and all the problems, woes and guilt that usually gets pushed to the back of our minds is confronted. At first facing ourselves can be a little uncomfortable, because there are no distractions for us to run to which is what most of us do.
In a [url=https://www.resthouse.com.au/]float tank[/url] all the exit points from our troubles are blocked and these ‘subconscious trouble; is wrestled to the ground within the tanked and for the most part a solution is found. Most people actually do not like to run away from reality and prefer to handle all the issues that they have within them, however the way everything around them distracts them make it quite difficult.


There are a lot of people who have ghosts tucked away at the back of their minds and need to be rid of them and a [url=https://www.resthouse.com.au/our-float-tanks/]sensory deprivation tank / floatation therapy[/url] is a perfect way to handle these ghosts without breaking too much sweat and come up with a better path. Sensory deprivation or flotation therapy is indeed an effective method via which people not only improve their physical health, but also become their very own ‘shrinks’ towards solving their personal issues.
The fact that floatation therapy has been proven to reduce levels of stress and anxiety and act as an adjunct for chronic physical pain are the bonus factor that makes this therapy such a wonderful experience to most people just after a few sessions.
Those who floated regularly for years such as Darren Weisman who is a physician by profession and who also floated without fail every week since the 80s say assert the fact that he is healthier both mentally and physically because of his regular floating and he is not the only one.
Well known athletes such as Carl Lewis have also attributed his success partly due to floatation therapy which according to him helps him focus on the ‘Olympic Gold Medal’.
Floatation therapy triggers a multitude of processes internally and all these multiple disciplines work in unison activating the inner healing potentials of our bodies and recalibrates practically everything within us allowing regular floaters to be in better moods, focused and ultimately perform better in everything they do.

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