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Sometimes it can be difficult to find yourself among all the jostling ideas when you start thinking about renovating . Fortunately, several people can help us to see more clearly, as much in the realization of the works (the entrepreneur, for example), as in the aspect more decoration and design of the house. Let's talk about interior designer!
[b]What does an interior designer do?[/b]
[color=black]The task definition of an [/color][url=https://yuvalhilel.com/][color=black]interior designer[/color][/url] may seem rather vague. Often confused with the work of decorator, the mandate of an interior designer has many facets. In fact, the first difference is that the title of interior designer implies that the person has obtained an accreditation in this area. This work brings together tasks of decoration, design and architecture.
While the decorator deals mainly with furniture, colors and accessories, the designer also deals with the ergonomics of the room, the structural integrity of the space and many other logistical aspects. He must also know how to respect the building code and often works in collaboration with other people including entrepreneurs, but also government authorities.
[b]What are the benefits of using an interior designer?[/b]
Using a design specialist simplifies the entire renovation process. The designer can guide the project, according to the needs of the client, while being able to suggest elements to which he might not have thought. As they have a good understanding of a home and its components, it is easier for them to consider storage solutions, for example, based on what is already established in the room to be renovated.
The designer can make plans by providing storage space for a room X, for example. However, it will not be able to attack the bearing wall , because to touch the latter, it takes at least one architect.
The Professional Association of Interior Designers of Quebec (APDIQ) brings together several professionals. The members of this association necessarily have professional liability insurance that can be used in case of errors or accidents, unlike designers who are not members.
Other benefits to consulting a designer include his network of contacts. Indeed, the professional, over his years of work, will no doubt have managed to create some alliances with suppliers, for example. It may therefore be possible for you to have discounts on certain materials, for example.
[b]Looking for an interior designer?[/b]
[b]Meeting with an interior designer: 5 questions to ask[/b]
Are you ready to meet an interior designer to work on your project? You do not know what questions to ask him to properly assess his skills and determine if you want to collaborate with this person? Here are five essential questions to discuss during a first meeting with your potential interior designer:
[b]1) The designer's portfolio[/b]
Every good designer will go to meet his portfolio in hand. The latter serves him to prove his know-how, his tastes and his skills. Browse the portfolio, ask a lot of questions and see if there are any things you like.
[b]2) References[/b]
In addition to the portfolio, the interior designer can also give you references from people with whom he has already collaborated. You will be able to communicate with these people to find out more about their experience, both in terms of the result and the progress of the work.
[b]3) The budget[/b]
You must ask the designer how much he charges, while telling him your budget. You will then be able to determine if the two amounts can work together.
[b]4) The working method[/b]
Ask the designer about his usual method of work. You will be able to see if you are on the same wavelength on this subject.
[b]5) Ideas[/b]
The designer will of course want you to show him your needs and ideas. Once you have described your project, ask what are the first ideas that come to mind. This will help you see if the proposals appeal to you.
[b]Working with the interior designer: what to take into account[/b]
On your side, you must also prove that you are a serious and motivated customer to move forward with the project. Before the meeting, take some time to think about the work you want to do. What are your needs? What are your tastes? How much money are you able to devote to the project?
Do not hesitate to prepare a file with pictures of pieces that inspire you. If you have plans, you must also present them at the meeting. The designer's reactions to the documentation you show him will also help you determine if your collaboration will be successful.
Prices on average to appeal to an interior designer
In terms of prices, we can expect to pay between $ 50 and $ 150 per hour, but rates may vary depending on the designer. Some will make their bill based on the consultation. It is important to mention that this expense can save money in the end by allowing better planning.
[b]Get quotes to work with an interior designer[/b]
[url=https://yuvalhilel.com/][b][color=black]yuval hilel[/color][/b][/url][b] [/b]can help you in your efforts to collaborate with an interior designer . By telling us about your project, we will put you in touch with the appropriate contacts for free. Just fill out our form (in minutes) and you will receive submissions from companies specializing in interior renovations.

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