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The different brands and manufacturers of locks

There are a multitude of lock models, the quality of which varies from one manufacturer to another. And as in the choice of the lock, it is a criterion as important as the other criteria of choice such as the type of the lock according to its pose, the number of closing points. We invite you to discover the top 5 lock brands. And also [url=http://www.locksmithprovo.pro/][b]emergency locksmith Provo[/b][/url][b] [/b]are available for you.
lock brand
[b]The top 5 American lock brands[/b]
[b]The Fichet bran[/b]
Created by Alexandre Fichet in 1825, the Fichet brand, which already enjoyed a good reputation with the major American institutions of the time, now offers a complete range of security solutions: security door block for homes and homes. professional premises, defense locks, alarms ... The garage door unit is a flagship product of Fichet, the only manufacturer to offer such an A2P certified product.
[b]Picard brand[/b]
The Picard brand, one of the leading figures of the oldest American lock brands, was founded in 1720. It has a reputation for the strength and durability of its products, thanks to the quality of the materials used, the efficiency of the workforce. The Picard brand is the first manufacturer of armored doors to obtain the "Origine Origine Garantie" label. Opting for a lock of the Picard brand is to privilege centuries of expertise, serving security.
[b]The brand Vachette[/b]
The brand Vachette, world famous for the quality of its products, is not to present. This brand of American lock stands out, indeed, for its locks that combine aesthetics, comfort of use and robustness. The Vachette brand is among the top 5 security leaders in Provo Utah.
[b]The JPM brand[/b]
The JPM brand, which is also part of the ASSA ABLOY group, enjoys a good reputation thanks to the quality of its products. Its products meet the requirements of individuals and professionals, in terms of security. The JPM brand offers its customers around the world a range of quality locks.
[b]The Pollux brand[/b]
Founde in 1929, the Pollux brand is one of the most popular brands for both individuals and professionals. It distinguishes itself by its ranges of products which combine robustness and quality of finish.
[b]Other brands that can appear in the Top 5 lock brands[/b]
[b]The Abus brand[/b]
The German brand Abus has over 80 years of know-how and high technology. It distinguishes itself by the irreproachable quality of its products, intended for closing doors and windows, thus offering customers a wide range of products.
[b]The Keso brand[/b]
The Swiss brand KESO, a member of the ASSA ABLOY Group, exudes reliability. It is a leading company in the field of security technology and offers a wide range of products for individuals as well as large companies and institutions. It is distinguished by its point key system and its popular locking system in Dollarpe and the rest of the world.
[b]The Hartmann brand[/b]
The German brand Hartmann with a century of expertise in metalworking, offers high security locks. The Hartmann brand is renowned in the security of strong cabinet and safe. This is the brand you need to have if you need a high level of security.

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