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Top 3 Ping Pong Paddles for Intermediate Players

What more can be possibly important in your inventory for ping pong than the Paddle? Nothing! So you need to be very careful if you’re going to buy it so here is the list of the top 3 ping pong [url=https://www.pingpongexperts.com/intermediate-paddle/]paddles for intermediate players[/url] that are going to bring their game one notch up in no time at all.
[b]3. Butterfuly 603[/b]
If you’re a shake hand player, then you need to go for this baby because boy oh boy! Doesn’t it just flair around like a butterfly making sure that your game stays up ahead. Butterfuly has been around with so many beauties for more than 40 years and this has become more like a trust for the players of table tennis. The paddle comes with the beautiful and crafty design that makes sure that you get the best spin available and that too with superb control on the same time. The grip is made for the shake hand technique so it is ideal for someone with such gameplay style. It is also ideal for the intermediate players because of the way it is made and also the price. The packaging looks very attractive and makes it look like an expensive paddle. Last but not least how can we forget that attractive paddle cover you can get in a deal? That is for free! But! If you’re an aggressive player. Please don’t go for this one.
[b]2. Killerspin JET600[/b]
A Killer for a Killer game. This very blade came into the market only to entertain every single need for a beginner or an intermediate player. Killerspin JET600 is arguably the most balanced paddle offered by Killerspin and is ideal for intermediate players. Weighing around 6.4 ounces, this paddle goes towards the heavier side and makes sure that the power is included in the package that also involves more consistency and control for the shot. Thanks to the Nitrx-4Z rubber that is nothing more than a cherry on top of the cake. However, it has proven out to be a little very heavy and doesn’t have a protective side tape. But this hasn’t been an issue for most of the users. What has been an issue is the absence of Carbon.
[b]1. STIGA Titan[/b]
Last but not least comes the [url=https://www.pingpongexperts.com/stiga-titan/]STIGA Titan[/url], the titan that is taking down all of the battles that are standing against it in the market because people are just loving putting their hands on this baby. Crystal Technology is yet another feature thanks to STIGA it makes sure that the overall face of the blade hardens and it also makes sure that the speed is increased. 5-ply Extra Layer makes sure that the overall weight of the blade remains in the operate able and winning combination. Concave Italian Composite Handle makes sure that you get the grip on the same time and get the control you are looking for as whole. STIGA truly is winning all of the battles that are to offer with their TITAN.

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