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Wisepowder.com: Where to buy nootropics in China?

As you probably already know, the community of nootropic users in China is growing day by day, and more and more people want to buy nootropics.
[b]You want to buy nootropics , but you do not know where to go?[/b]
Do not panic, we guide you on the subject!
Indeed, buying nootropics in stores in China is not yet possible. Simply because there is not yet a serious French retailer to date. But it is still possible to buy them on the internet in the meantime!
So, in powder or capsules ? Whatever your favorite mode of consumption, here are the best sites to buy your nootropics!
[b]The best websites to buy powdered nootropics[/b]
wisepowder.com . An American site with a very large selection of Nootropic . In fact, it is the reference seller in the community of nootropic users! The shipping costs are a bit higher, but can be offered if you place a big order. There is really a great choice of nootropics, which is fine for the most experts in the field, but most amateurs can quickly get lost in the ocean of choice that this site offers.
Know that we are here to guide you if you have questions to better find what suits you!
No other serious seller at the moment.
So these are the sites on which you can [url=https://www.wisepowder.com/nootropic-smart-drug-powder/][b]buy Nootropic Powder[/b][/url] with confidence.
[b]Why wisepowder.com are the best to buy nootropics[/b]
Because these sellers have the products they sell tested by a third party, that is to say an independent laboratory, to verify that the product extracted from a plant or synthesized in the laboratory is extremely pure .
If you want to check it, you can ask for CoA (Certificate of Analysis) at the site where you order. Certificates of Analysis are scientific proof of the purity of the product sold.
The vendors we have chosen offer complete transparency about the methods they use and the origin of their products, and have no problem proving their honesty!
[b]But what does it really mean to have a pure product?[/b]
A pure product is a product that does not contain heavy metals, impurities or other contaminations, and only the product you want to buy, so that it is perfectly fit for consumption. So no excipients, load agents (a misleading technique that some industries use, sometimes adding to the supplements often harmless agents, such as sugar, in order to replenish the total weight of the supplement sold, and thus increase their profit margins), dyes and other unnecessary additives either!
You now know where to buy nootropics. You just have to consult the beginner's guide to guide your choice if it is not done yet!
[b]Nootropics, what is it?[/b]
The term "nootropic" refers to supplements for the brain that are capable of increasing cognitive functions: short and long term memory, learning speed, decision making, intelligence, neurogenesis. These can be of natural origin (plants: such as caffeine, green tea, Ginkgo) or of synthetic origin (racetam).
Most of them often have other benefits, such as better motivation, better alertness, reduced anxiety, calming effect, increased self-confidence, decreased symptoms depressive or improved quality of sleep .
However, it is not because a molecule has nootropic properties, that it must be consumed every time . Take the example of nicotine: it has nootropic properties, but everyone knows that it is a poison for the body (as it is consumed in tobacco) and it is all but recommended to consume in this objective.
In this state of mind, Dr. Corneliu E. Girguea, who is the inventor of Piracetam (the molecule considered to be the first nootropic to be discovered) has established certain standards that a compound should respect to be considered nootrope:
[b]The molecule must facilitate learning and improve memory[/b]
It helps the brain to function even when it is in conditions that disrupt its functioning, such as hypoxia (low oxygen levels)
The compound protects the brain from physical or chemical damage , such as side effects experienced while using certain drugs or drugs
It improves the efficiency of information transmission mechanisms across neurons in the cortical and subcortical regions of the brain
It must have very few, if any, side effects, and not be toxic , as well as have no stimulant or sedative effects in general
We will therefore consider a substance to be a "true nootropic" when it meets most of these conditions.
However, nootropics are no substitute for a good night's sleep, an active lifestyle, or a healthy diet . These are the 3 main principles for having a healthy body and brain, and the use of nootropics should only be considered if these conditions are met .
However, it is not absolutely necessary that this be the case, and you will still benefit from the nootropics without these three principles being 100% optimized. It is not uncommon for consumers to use them to be more productive, despite a short night's sleep, because their schedule does not allow them to sleep more, or because they lack energy because they could not eat properly, if at all.
Finally, be aware that nootropics will reveal all their effectiveness and show their maximum potential when these 3 principles are optimized, and will doubtless be a little less effective if any. Your body must work best to awaken the power of your brain!

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