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Why do people wear coloured contact lenses?

recently conducted a survey of 1,000 women aged 17 to 35. This study was conducted with the website of personalized recommendations of beauty products: Lucette.com .
The cosplaylens team is pleased to present some of the results discovered during this study on coloured contact lenses, a way to know a little more about this new beauty gesture .
[b]coloured contact lenses # 1: Which color of eyes is the most represented[/b]
While 80% of the population in the Northern European countries have blue eyes , the study found that in United States over 50% of the women surveyed have brown eyes and blue eyes only represent a minority of 17%. The percentage of respondents with green eyes is very close since it represents 16%.
Brown eyes are therefore widely represented and it turns out that they are much more likely to wear [url=https://www.cosplaylens.com/][b]coloured contact lenses[/b][/url] to change the color of their eyes.
[b]The clear eyes Would trend in 2019?[/b]
To find out, we sought to know what colors of eyes the respondents want to trade their original color.
[b]coloured contact lenses # 2: What color of eyes do people want to have[/b]
Almost 68% is the percentage of people who want to have eyes ... GREEN ! It is the most popular color today . Indeed, 73.5% is the most beautiful eye color for women, and 65% think it is the most beautiful eye color for men.
It is most certainly in order to display this new color that 90% of respondents say they are ready to wear coloured contact lenses .
[b]coloured contact lenses # 3: Why wear coloured contact lenses? [/b]
Many people want to wear lenses out of curiosity and want to discover their face with a new eye color.
Wearing coloured contact lenses is also a way to strengthen your eyes and emphasize a natural color . It can also make the look brighter and brighter .
Finally, coloured contact lenses allow you to have fun and show different facets of your personality. Indeed, many people think that a color of eyes reflects a character, a way of being.
For example the blue color reflects sweetness, purity, calm and wisdom while green eyes reveal a stronger character, with confidence, malice, charm and seduction.
[b]coloured contact lenses # 4: On what occasions to wear coloured contact lenses? [/b]
For the first time, respondents prefer to try lenses for an evening or for a shoot. However, they say they are ready to wear them everyday if the effect suits them.
And you, on what occasions would you be ready to wear natural cosplaylens lenses ? What is your favorite eye color?
As always, do not hesitate to call our team of colorists look available online via chat to choose your color and discover the pair of lenses that will be best for you.
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