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Millie Brown from Stranger Things adopts gray and blue color lenses on Instagram

The brown contact lenses colored lenses are back in the people! The superstar and young actress of the hugely popular Netflix Stranger Things series, Millie Brown posted this weekend a story of her wearing a brand new look!
[b] Millie Brown color lenses[/b]
In case you missed out on this news that made a huge media buzz this weekend, British actress Millie Bobby, who takes on the role of Eleven in the Stranger Things series, posted a story on her official account with two pictures of her with blue and gray lenses!
At only 14, Millie Brown is already talking a lot about her. Indeed, considered one of the most influential people in the world, the young actress already has more than 16 million subscribers to Instagram, not to mention the thousands (if not millions) of fans of the series and the character she embodies.
This time, chose to wear two different looks on his story!
[b]# 1 The bold and captivating look with gray-colored lenses [/b]
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[b]# 2 A refreshing and soft look with blue lenses
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