• Do Anti-Aging Products Like GenF20 Plus Work?

    Does man need to go through the seven ages described by Shakespeare? Or is ageing a disease which can be treated with drugs like [url=]GenF20[/url] Plus and disguised by cosmetic procedures? In women, symptoms of the menopause and the ageing effects which follow bone thinning, increased heart disease risk, dry skin and loss of sex drive are routinely treated with hormone replacement therapy and GenF20 Plus. Many women without any signs or symptoms want HRT, hoping to hang on to their youth. Now it is the turn of the men. Last week's New England Journal of Medicine said that injections of human growth hormone had turned back the clock by up to 20 years for a dozen elderly men. The potency of the hormone declines with age, but the volunteers, aged between 61 and 81, had lower than average levels. For six months they were given injections which raised their levels to those normally found in under-40s. Their skin became thicker, muscles which had t...