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Update: April 11, 2009

Dear Uncles and Aunties,

Thanks for all your support and kindness. I'll do my best to return this huge favor. I'm doing well at school. Though I'm loaded with school work, by handling them properly it's in fact not that hard to deal with. Among all the subjects, I'm most interested in English, and then Chinese. I enjoy doing Chemistry experiments. Physics isn't easy but it's fun to learn. Also, I love my classmates and teachers. They're very nice people.

There're currently 4 people in my family, with my dad working in the city to support us. We're planting corn instead of hot pepper this year, mostly because hot pepper didn't sell well last year and the price is relatively low. Unfortunately, my younger brother passed away because of improper medical treatment. It was last year when I went to summer camp for the very first time. Now I'm in Grade 10 Class 3, Yan Yuan Ming Zu Middle School, Yan Yuan County, Sichuan Province.

I hope in the future I can work for something I feel truly passionate about and also beneficial to society. To be better prepared for this goal, I should go to college. I plan to major in something technology-related. Though it requires hard work, technology in my opinion is more realistic. Besides, I'm very interested in technology, and I always believe that interest is the best teacher.

Maths and Physics are kind of difficult, and the rest of the subjects are much easier. But I believe I will perform better in Maths and Physics with constant effort. Studying is sometimes exhausting, but I also get to discover the unknown, to enlighten my spirit, to be better prepared for my future, and these are the fun in learning!

Best Wishes,
He Jianping

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