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Update from Jianping - Summer 2010

We recently received this letter from Jianping He. Please message him back to show your continued support as he begins his junior year!


Dear Givology,

Thank you for your concern and support for me, as well as your concern for my family. My family and I are all very well. They are currently busy with farm work - my father can always find farm work for us to do. Recently, my situation in school hasn't been ideal - there were many lessons that were hard for me to understand without putting in extra effort and asking questions. I haven't been able to maintain consistent grades - they keep going up and down - and I think this may be because my study methods have changed. This is already the second semester of my sophomore year. I still have to face the general examinations at the end of the semester, and then as soon as September starts, I will be a high school junior, and I will definitely have to put in extra effort to raise my grades. My teacher has said before that it is worth it to struggle in the short term to change one's life for the better in the long run. I plan to persevere 'til the end for the sake of my dreams. In today's society, when looking for a job it's good to have some technology skills, and besides, it's good to have basic skills that will help me in life in general. Going forward, I want to become stronger. Even though life is full of bumps and obstacles, I will endure it for the sake of building the foundation of a better life, and not give up. No matter what, I want to make the best of what is left of high school, and I definitely don't want to disappoint all of you who have supported me.

All the best,

Jianping He

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