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Update from Jianping He - May 2010

Below is a recent update from Jianping He. Please message him back to show your continued support!

Dear Givology,

I am Jianping He. I was very happy to receive your letter. We just started a new semester, and I'm hoping that this semester, I can bring my grades up. If I can't, then I'm really hopeless. Ever since I was born I've been impoverished, and I've helped my parents farm every now and then, so I have a spirit that's able to bear hardship? I'm a pretty extroverted person, and I'm rather tolerant - I don't like to quibble over little things. I kind of like math, and I kind of like English, because through this class I've become familiar with some interesting stories. I really like sports, especially basketball, and when I'm feeling down I'll go play basketball or take a jog. Sometimes I'll also play ping pong, which is also very fun. When I have time, I like to read books outside of class, because from books I can learn about alot of interesting things I didn't know before. I'm really thankful for your care and help - it really makes me feel the greatness of love. In the future, if I can, I will also do charity work and do some things that are good for humanity, since this is the kind of life that brings joy. Can I ask you - are you guys or girls? My English is pretty bad, so I can't use English in my reply to you - please forgive me for that. We have similar hobbies and interests, so I would be very happy to be your friend, if you are willing. As the Chinese proverb goes: "If people have different goals, they are going to go in different directions" - this is our fate. Finally, I'd also like to encourage you to also study hard. If you have anything on your mind you can also tell me. It is also important to stay healthy and maintain a cheerful outlook. Let's keep on working toward our goals!

All the best,

Jianping He

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