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Janet is eight years old and is able to continue school this year entering into the second grade with assistance. Janet lives in West Point, a disadvantaged area in Liberia’s capital city of Monrovia. She lives with her two parents who have three children. Both of her parents can read and write though her mother never graduated high school. Janet’s father sells scratch lottery cards and her mother sells fish during the dry season, usually six months of the year. Janet has two siblings.
Janet lives in a one room house with her family of five. There is no running water and no electricity and a quarter of the family income goes to pay rent in the home. Janet’s father says he is thankful for life, but their living condition is not working and the family struggles to feed and clothe their children: “We feel that if the family can struggle to go to school now, our life will be better later and we leave the rest up to God. During the war, we suffered a lot; we had nothing going for us. We never had time to rest, young boys who had arms took the little things we had including food and then they’d beat on us. The war is over now, but our war to survive in this struggle continues. We are blessed to have life, but we reach for something more.”
Janet was in school before she was enrolled with support and had only missed school for a week due to malaria. Taking off the large financial burden of school fees for her family will be a tremendous help. Her family has committed to continue to get Janet to school regularly and to help her with school assignments. Janet is a very shy girl who helps around her house by washing dishes and hauling water. Janet is very excited about continuing to learn math though her favorite thing to do is read because she says she can get more ideas when she reads. She also enjoys playing with her best friend Princess. Janet dreams of becoming a famous singer one day.


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    Just a few photos of Janet's school day =) Janet in School Janet and her friend =)


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