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Bad effects of drinking diet coca cola

If you love Can of Coke or any other diet soda, we might have some bad news for you. And it is not even related to caffeine!
According to many different studies, even though diet drinks supposedly consists of zero net calories, they can have a lot of bad effects - including kidney issues, weight gain, increased risk of depression and increased risk of diabetes.
So if you love diet soda but want to cut your danger of disease, it might be a best idea to kick it to the curb!
Can of Coke, diet coke and other caffeinated beverages are largely though to be dehydrating, since caffeine is a mild diuretic - meaning it rises urination. Anyway, a research review found this diuretic effect just occurred with doses of 250 to 300 mg of caffeine, and the raised urination did not happen in regular consumers of caffeinated beverages. Since diet coke is mostly water, drinking it will support hydrate the body. Actually, even regular coffee has been shown to hydrate the body in a way similar to water.
[b]Effects on bone health[/b]
Continue use of cola drinks is also though to badly impact bone health. Actually, cola beverages have been attached to lower bone mineral density in postmenopausal women. While mechanism of action is not clear, general theories are matched to coke caffeine and phosphorus content.
Caffeine is famous to reduce the amount of calcium in bones, but this effect is considered negligible it dietary calcium intake is sufficient and daily intake of caffeine is below 400 mg.
Further, too much phosphorus coupled with a low calcium intake can decrease the amount of calcium the [url=]How Much Caffeine is in a Can of Coke[/url] bones absorb. Anyway, there are no experimental studies that specifically attached the phosphorus in colas to bad bone health.
[b]Soda increases obesity risk[/b]
Each can of coke or other sugary drink used per day increases the likelihood of an adult becoming obese by about sixty percent. Sugar drinks are linked to heath issues for adults as well.
[b]Metabolism level reduces[/b]
A glass of hot water can spend up your metabolic rate but may taste bad after a workout session. A can of coke can definitely be tasty but it truly reduce the metabolism and helps in damage the fat burning enzymes in no time. Thus a can of either Diet coke or simple Coca Cola after a rigorous exercise or busy day is strictly not allowed.
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[b]Reproduction issues[/b]
A research has presented that the can of coke is coated with such chemicals that may lead to reproduction issues with sugar use.
[b]Kidney failures[/b]
The sweet sugar is actually not the reason for a failing kidney but the fake sweeteners are. Hence using diet versions of Coca Cola or Pepsi have verified to produce some impairment than the sweet versions.

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