Grant Status $1500 needed

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Expected Usage of Funding
Supplies, Furniture:
Labor and Salaries:
Raw Materials:


We don't just give our clients the capital to start their own businesses, but we give them the guidance, training and support they need to be successful. The amount shown will fund on-going mentorship for an entire year, allowing budding entrepreneurs to build their capacity and succeed in their new venture.


In Oldeani, Tanzania, the majority of residents work as farmers and/or coffee pickers making on average $300 per year. TCF's microfinance program began ten years ago to empower individuals in the community to start and grow businesses and escape the cycle of poverty.


The 600+ microfinance clients who borrow $100 to $1,000 make more than three times the annual income of the average community member and are able to move from mud huts to brick homes, send their children to school and make other improvements in their lives.

Team Credentials

Two trainers will be utilized, one for the handicrafts group to improve their weaving skills, and one to introduce modern farming techniques to Microfinance clients. These trainers are experts in their fields and come from Tanzania's larger cities, Arusha or Dar es Salaam.