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Kimani was born in Othaya district, a short distance from Nyeri town, to a single mother. Soon after Kimani was born, his mother remarried a different man from a local village. Several years, and a few more children later, Kimani’s mother passed away. Because he was not born to his adoptive father, when his mother died Kimani was rejected by the family and chased away. The director of Baraka Children's Centre heard Kimani’s story, and agreed to take the homeless child in.

Since arriving at Baraka Children's Centre in 2009, Kimani has had the opportunity to thrive in a supportive environment. He has suffered from chronic kidney problems that were not properly attended to in his younger years. In 2010, he received proper treatment from Kenyatta National Hospital, and now sees a physician on a regular basis for check-ups. Kimani is an exceedingly bright child, who consistently comes in first in his grade. He is very ambitious, and aspires to become an aerospace engineer. With his combinations of brains and work ethic, there is no doubt that this will become a reality!


  • Update from Gregory!

    Gregory wants to be an airplane engineer so he can have enough money to have his own children's center like the one he is living in now! Help him achieve his dreams here!