Over recent years there has been a proliferation of small portable gas stoves and heaters. In years past our choice was often just that of the Trangia spirit stoves or the little Camping Gaz offerings. There were others, but these two are the most remembered. In more modern times literally dozens of these units have become available. Some of the new arrivals are the classics of the future. gas stove price

I particularly like these small portable gas stoves for several reasons. The most surprising reason I think, is their pure usefulness when entertaining friends to a barbecue at home. Most modern barbecues will cater for a dozen people or so, but even then we tend to run out of cooking or warming space. One of our favourite uses for our little gas stove is to keep sliced mushrooms out of the flames for later use on burgers.

These gas stoves come in different guises. Some are single burners and others have two rings. Some of them are either useful as small space heaters or come bundled up with a gas heater and maybe up to a dozen bottles of gas. Some of these little stoves can be used as the basis for a gas lantern