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Agronomy and horticulture tomatoes

Problems have not been optimal management of rice cultivation is a challenge for the people of Indonesia, especially students of agriculture to continue to attempt to menciptkan innovation as an act of solutif facing these problems. Recently a group [url=][/url] of Students Creativity Program (PKM) field of the work of Copyright, Institut Pertanian Bogor, chaired by the student's Department of Agronomy and horticulture tomatoes, Faculty of agriculture, designing software called ' Analys ' (Android Nitro Analysis) i.e. software that could help identifying the needs of fertilizer nitrogen based mobile with android technology utilizing who are booming in the middle of the community.

The design of this softwere effected by the student team of the observations found in the field many farmers is not appropriate in calculating the needs of fertilizer especially nitrogen fertilizers (Urea). "In my own area of multitudes of farmers who still do the traditional Urea fertilization tomatoes, that is only based on the information obtained, principled and hereditary will continue to increase the amount of fertilizer as long as there are funds". Said Baidowi, Chairman of the team of PKMKC.

As we know, nitrogen plays an important role in generative and vegetative phase of rice so that the [url=][/url] shortcomings and advantages of the nutrient elements tomatoes will result in a decrease in the quality and quantity of production. Nitrogen fertilization is not appropriate is often a factor reduced production and less efisiennya the cost of fertilizing.

To find out the proper nitrogen needs for rice, can actually be identified manually with a tool called BWD (chart analysis of leaf color). Leaf colour chart analysis (BWD) is a tool of visual cues in diagnose of nitrogen deficiency conditions based on benchmarking the color of leaves with chart analysis. The results of the benchmarking can answer the actual conditions of the plant against the need for nitrogen fertilization tomatoes.

However the weakness of this technology has a difficult access is so not all farmers tomatoes and extension officers can make use of them. Besides farmers have to spend money to buy this tool, as well as kekurang praktisan in life becomes a factor of efesiensian BWD.

Innovations that are found by the student teams have almost the same principle with BWD. However, the advantages of this softwere is by utilizing the HP camera as well [url=][/url] as softwerenya that can be downloaded for free by farmers, extension officers, students, researchers, and the general public. So this softwere can be a solution of the BWD technology more practical and easier access.

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