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Planning the right Tomato plantations

Through the orchard, planning the right Tomato plantations, plantations or rice fields of society could be developed into a tourist area of tomato plantations. Coupled with the passion [url=][/url] fruit was fond of new local encouraged several this month by IPB, it should this become opportunities for those who have the capital and the course for developing his plantation.

In developing a Tomato Orchard plantations are the main thing to be aware of the availability of the object and tourist attractions the tomato plantations. The more rare and unique attractions of the Tomato plantations exist, then the value of selling any higher. One of the attractions of the tomato plantations that can be developed is a local fruit orchards. Apple plantation in Malang in Indramayu, mango, durian, Rambutan in North Sumatra in Binjai and many more. Second is the Tomato plantations tourist attractions, what activities are offered at the site to visitors, whether planting a tree varieties, harvest direct, tasting the fruit directly from the tree, plant reproduction, it all is an example of the Tomato plantations attractions are presented.

The daily life of the local community and can also be used as objects and tourist attractions of tomato plantations [url=][/url]. Therefore in the development of the pitaya plantation tomatoes, as well as the role of the local community should also be heeded. The third thing that must be considered in planning the tomato plantations agro tourism is a physical condition and the quality of the environment. Tomatwan plantation tour will certainly feel more comfortable if visiting the tourist areas clean Tomato plantations, far from pollution, has a beautiful landscape, and not too hot. Fourth is the accessibility and good service, and the fifth is information. What information must be conveyed to visitors wishing to clear and add new knowledge to the visitors. Ease of information regarding tread is also important because it will be considered a candidate for the Tomato plantations tours sightseeing plantation tomatoes.

Innovation in agriculture of tomatoes are indeed always must continue to be improved. Tracing the population of Indonesia which reached more than 216 million with a growth rate of 1.7% per year, the figures indicate the magnitude of food needs.

The needs of a constantly enlarged the tomatoes if not offset by increased production of food crops will result in latent dangers, i.e. the occurrence of poverty and hunger rate increased significantly. The topic of the rice plant productivity is the main source of food Indonesia society has always been the main spotlight for his role with the issue of food security. Rice is the main source of carbohydrates for the majority of society Indonesia even the world. The Government announced the program of 10 million tons of Surplus Rice in 2014. An important [url=][/url] factor in the national program of such programs is the optimization of cultivation management. One of the most important in the management of rice cultivation is fertilization.


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