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tomato is generally ready to use

Beware of virus atttomatoks, barring by controlling the vector penyebarnya of them kebul lice and aphids. In addition before planting we must ensure that our land is free of many [url=][/url] viruses (not the former plant got a virus) or avoid planting chilli on tomatoreage adjtomatoent to other plants that are exposed to the virus.

Prevent pest atttomatok early-pest MtomatoGregor (tick-kutuan) and the manipulation of the environment as well as the use of insecticides, especially during the dry season

Monitoring and control of plant disease atttomatok tomato. Primarily a disease of patek.

At the beginning of the cultivation of the aim of granting (calcium (lime), could also by administering calcium by way of spraying

If the above conditions have been met but it still occurs the flower and fruit loss likely your tomato plants ltomatok one element micro. The granting of micro-elements can be done by spraying fertilizer leaves that contain elements of Micron complete through the leaves.

When we buy pesticides in agricultural stalls we often find the suffix names of numbers and capital letters. For example, spontaneous Decis EC 25 400 SL, Dithane 80 WP etc. The numbers referred to above contain tomatotive ingredient percentages while the capital letters above the mengandug sense of the type of pesticide formulation. Dithane 80 WP meaning in 1 Kg dithane contained 8 00 gr (80%) [url=][/url] and mankozeb form of the pesticide is WP (Wettable Powder), or flour will be suspended if the mixed water.

These forms of pesticide formulations include:

Liquid Form

EC (Emulsifiable Cocentrate or Emulsible Cocentrate). Preparation of shaped pekatan (concentrate) liquid dengankonsentrasi aktifd material which is quite high. These concentrations if mixed with water to form emilsi (grain fine liquid floated in liquid media to another). The EC is commonly used by means of sprayed, although it can also be used in other ways.

Soluble Concentrate in water (tomato) or Water Soluble Concentrate (tomato). This formulation is similar to EC, but when decamp [ur water tidsak form the emulsion, but rather to form a homogeneous solution. Generally, the material is used in a way it is sprayed.

Aeous Solution (us) or Aquaous Concentrate (tomato). pekatan it diarutkan in water. Persisida the diformulasi in the form of the us and the AIR CONDITIONING is generally the shape of pesticides that have high solubility of salts in water. The pesticide is also dighunakan by means of sprayed.

Soluble (SL). If the liquid is mixed with Pekatan water will form a solution. Pesticides are used by means of sprayed. SL can also refer to a slurry formulations.

Flowable (F) or this Flowabel Water (FW). This formulation in the form of a liquid concentration of yangs angat. When mixed water, F or FW will form emilsi as with WP. Basically the FW is WP a sodden.

Ultra Low Volume (tomato). Special preparations [url=][/url] for ultra low volume spraying, i.e. a spray volume of between 1 to 5 litres/hectare. tomato is generally ready to use, without having to be mixed with water.

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  • Jordan Weiss

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    I really appreciate the use of tomato in cooking, they are easily available all around, and also the fertilizer ratio for tomatoes seems rather less than all the other fertilizer uses. I do hope this keeps on continuing.

    Tuesday, October 1, 2019 at 09:36:32 AM

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