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Free pineapple plants

pineapple cultivation is indeed hard-hard-easy. His difficult because the extremely hot pineapple plant is a complex issue, so for those who haven't experienced will surely find a very big obstacle. Be it the constraints of weather, climate, pests and [url=][/url] diseases as well as from the price. One of the obstacles is very common in pineapple cultivation is the occurrence of flowers or fruit loss pineapple. This is a very important issue because our pineapple plants useless very fertile but when flowering a lot of that loss.

Before we address the occurrence of loss of flowers and fruits sebaikknya we need to know chilli first some causes of flower and fruit pineapple loss. There are several things that can cause the loss of flowers and fruits on the plant of pineapple:

The air humidity is very low.
The soil too dry
pineapple crop sheltered
Air temperature too high
The attack of the disease virus (CMV)
Pest attack trips or [url=][/url] other
The disease attacks on pineapple
Too much or lack of Nitrogen element
lack of calcium
Lack one element micro

After we know some causes of flower and fruit pineapple loss of course we will be able to determine actions that can prevent the loss of flowers and fruit pineapple. Some things that can be done to prevent loss of flowers and fruit crops of pineapple are:

Try searching the farm for planting chillies that are easily pengairannya, it is easy for us to aim at maintaining the humidity of air and soil. But keep in mind that pineapple pineapples do not like excessively watered, can wither.

Free pineapple plants from the shade of buildings or other bigger plants

Fertilizing plants in the pineapple to be aware of the grant element of nirtogen, awarding too much can be very dangerous to the plant life of pineapple. Not only from the loss of flowers [url=][/url] and fruits but also be vulnerable to pests and disease. Lack the elements of N are also less good because pineapple plants become less fertile

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