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Celery is available in many [url=]safflower oil[/url] different styles. He is reputed to help many a sagging back on the jumps. In the Bloody Mary, it belongs in any case as a decoration.

Of the celery, there are three different types lipotropic injections:

Cut celery

Celery is also known as celery or celery. He belongs to the family of Apiaceae. A celery weighing between 500 and 1000 g and is harvested from August to late November. While hardly gone to think in Britain and America from the kitchen, he is still not quite established here land.
Two variants of the perennial celery

Celery is bleached, but also unbleached on the market. Unbleached celery is protected by a special foil from [url=]lipotropic injections[/url] the Sun. The bleached version is naturally whitened by the plants in small intervals to each other are planted so that they get little light safflower oil. The chlorophyll formation is affected by the lack of light, causing less of the green dye can be made. The leaves and stems of the bleached perennials celery are more delicate than that of the unbleached; they no different in taste.

Celery to remove preparation

The bright green fleshy stems are eaten. They can be chopped in a salad, as stems for dipping or eaten cooked as a vegetable. The leaves contain essential oils, why they are used as a condiment in sauces, soups and stews. A fresh celery has no discoloration on leaves and stems. Also, the shaft should not be bent can be, but break.

Nutritional values lipotropic injections

Since the water content of the perennial celery with 93% is relatively high, it is considered ideal vegetables to remove. Vitamins need much light for their development, therefore the bleached celery has not so many vitamins like the unbleached celery. The essential oils of perennials celery have expectorant in cough and runny nose safflower oil. They are slightly laxative for constipation, constipation. They play an important role in the digestion of protein, by stimulating the production of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice.

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