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Slimming with sports: at what age to start yet?

Clearly, the body has its heyday to mid-20s. But actually you can start at any age with a workout. Your body will thank you in any case. Who is however uncertain, should make perhaps [url=]compression garments after liposuction[/url] before a check at the doctor's Office. This applies especially to people with joint problems or very overweight. Maybe you can find the right sport together with your doctor.

Slimming with sports: what sport is suitable for beginners?

There are numerous sports for beginners: who has to struggle with joint problems or too very overweight, could start with swimming or biking, for example. These sports to protect the joints, on the other hand you have to wear all the time his body weight during exercise. Who does not have these problems, should dare quite jogging. After all, more than 700 calories are burned here per hour. It should be once the eyes: three hours jogging per week could bring burned 2000 calories.

Slimming with sports: how should I train?

Beginners just make a mistake at the beginning of the training: they start too intense. Sure, after 1000 meters, it feels like Hercules, but the receipt is then not long in coming. And there is probably [url=]1200 calorie meal plan to lose weight[/url] nothing worse than a training broken off right at the beginning. Get a feel for the new strain, and gain confidence in your body. And: you can take it so easy. Beginners can start their training for example with walking breaks. EAT SMARTER reveals more tips on running learning. If you then have got accustomed to the sport, you can exercise more intensely what will increase the energy consumption.

Slimming with sports: I can train in the fat combustion pulse?

The idea is nice: we train our body so that he draws power only from the fat reserves. There are always recommendations aimed at. Fat burning, so the assumption that work exclusively on endurance training, you should exercise at least 45 minutes, the pulse should be 120 to 140 beats per minute. Let you be not from the concept dissuade: it is crucial that the body uses when he absorbs ultimately more energy. Usually, muscles draw their energy from fat - as well as from carbohydrate stores. In the fat combustion pulse train actually only professional athletes who have long exercised this kind of energy supply.

Slimming with sports: How do I maintain my motivation?

We all know the feeling: after a stressful day we drop at night exhausted us on the sofa. Outside it is already dawning and runs into the TV the favourite programme. Now stand up? As strange as it sounds: when you half an hour later the streets jog or move your tracks in the basin, an incredible feeling will come over you. You might find friends with whom you binding three date in the week. A further [url=]compression garments after liposuction proposal[/url] to the self-motivation: Remember specific times or sections, you could create a week ago only with difficulty. If it works better at the second attempt, which gives an additional boost.

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