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smoothie recipes weight loss

The phone rings, the email inbox is overflowing and the boss asks for the date: A working day to be quite stressful. And while some hustle and bustle simply forget the food, many pick up just [url=]smoothie recipes weight loss[/url] then increasingly unhealthy Office snacks. EAT SMARTER reveals how relaxed master the job everyday. Without taking to.

Emails, meetings and constantly ringing the phones: stress in the job is everyday life for many Germans. Often remains not even time for regular breaks. When the small hunger comes, so not only in the short term takes you rumbling stomach like a candy bar, cookies or other sweet treats - after all, reassured you and comforts the soul immediately. Think: chocolate, researchers know that makes happy not because of its ingredients, but simply because we have trained it to us, that she lifts the mood.

If the small hunger

Unhealthy snacks debit the account of the calories for that part. Who pays attention to his character and health, engages in the Office so small snacks that contain fewer calories and still fed up with make:

Apples provide satiating fiber and refreshing sweet taste [url=]apple cider vinegar weight loss recipe[/url].
unsalted nuts (E.g., almonds; maximum a handful) provide healthy fats and to important protein.
a disk crack or whole grain bread with cottage cheese and tomatoes makes satellite and is healthy.
fresh vegetable sticks provide many vitamins and hardly any calories.
A piece of fruit will stop the cravings for sweets.
A large glass of buttermilk saturates pleasantly without delivering much fat or calories.
A glass of carbonated water stops acute cravings and bridged the time up to the lunch break.
Chewing gum relaxed stress and at the same time counteracts acute cravings.

Grease traps in the Office

You make it then once in the canteen, it must get mostly. Schnitzel with French fries? Keep 'em Comin'! Reward eaters fall again easily into the calorie trap. Better: Bring your own food and heat it in the Office. So you know exactly what you put into. If this is not possible, choose dishes potatoes instead of fries in the cafeteria with lean fish or meat, as saturation leaflet. Even salad always fits. But waive croutons and let the dressing extra rich, you can adjust it better. The perfect lunch is finished as a piece of fruit - dessert.

With cake against the afternoon low?

But not only in the cafeteria, it is dangerous [url=]apple cider vinegar weight loss recipe[/url] for those who pay attention to their character. The bigger the company, the more birthdays, anniversaries, and parties are celebrated. Generous colleagues serve cakes and pastries in the afternoon. It would be rude not too long there? No, it wouldn't. If you still can not resist, take only a small portion and then chat while you drink such a green tea. He is more awake than coffee and helps to stay focused the last hours until the evening.

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